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This is it! Inside this package.

The first live recording of re: mix, “Singapore’s hippest cross-over chamber ensemble” (Life!, Straits Times).

Along with every bit of the wobble, energy and excitement which makes it what

it is: Unapologetically bold.

Specialising in taking familiar music and turning it on its head, it has, for the past five years, been wowing audiences with bold new interpretations: Whether it be giving classical music a pop twist, or pop music a classical sheen. Hence, re: mix.

Nothing has ever been – or will ever be – off limits.

Many times, what re: mix plays are world premieres, brand-new arrangements of familiar tunes which have been re-arranged by Singapore’s best-loved composers and arrangers.

As a growing number of audience members started coming up post-concert, asking if there are recordings they can listen to at home, the idea took root: re: mix needs a CD.

In its September 2009 concert titled “Old School” at the Esplanade Recital Studio, where it played selected repertoire from its past concerts, re: mix made a recording which you now hold in your hands.

This album captures some of Singapore’s best arrangement work. It is an homage to the music re: mix so love. And it is a Best Of compilation of what it feels has most gripped audiences’ hearts in its concerts.

Now you can hear re: mix at home. Pour yourself a drink, put up your legs and enjoy!


re: mix


"An album of music that traverses time and space weaved through letters of love"

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