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re: mix , an ensemble of classically trained musicians who reckons that classical music is in need of transformation, to mould with the times and gain contemporary relevance for it to engage its audience.  Led by violinist and music director Foo Say Ming, re: mix comprises Singapore’s finest local and international chamber musicians.


re: mix firmly believes that classical music must expand beyond its roots and explore new boundaries.  It is necessary to engage and connect with other art forms such as dance, film, architecture, amongst others, and in the process not only become a testimony to what emerges from this interaction, but also inspire a new thinking of the other disciplines through active cross-pollination.  re: mix, too, seeks to champion new works of local composers.


re: mix exists since 2006.  It has commissioned and premiered works by distinguished local composers such as Dr. Kelly Tang (violin concerto “Two Contrasts for Violin & String Orchestra) and cultural medallion winner, Iskandar Ismail (“Samba No. 5”).  re: mix has also supported various brilliant fledgling composers in its many past projects and continues to do so with its programming, boldly marked by its unique conceptualisation, from the birth of an idea to fruition.  


re: mix takes interest in contributing to the less fortunate in the society.  In collaboration with  Old School, it regularly plans charity events.  Since its inception, re: mix has come together with various local organisations, notably Ode To Art - the premiere art gallery in Singapore, St. Luke’s Hospital, and the German European School Singapore, to raise funds for their affiliated beneficiaries through charity concerts.  In September 2009, re: mix was invited to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia to perform with the renowned guitarist Roger Wang, at a charity concert for children with kidney malfunctions in Malaysia.  Its outreach programme has also seen the outfit performing for the children at the Little Arts Academy in 2011.  


Apart from re: mix’s own concert projects, charity events and outreach programmes, it receives regular invitations to perform locally and in the region.        re: mix regularly tours Malaysia and Thailand.  In April 2009, re: mix was invited, as    a Singapore showcase at the Best of ASEAN Performing Series in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Cultural Medallion winner Iskandar Ismail invited re: mix to perform his showpiece, “Sketches of Light”, during the President’s Command Performance in April 2009.  re: mix has also performed alongside with pop artists/groups such as Eason Chan and May Day.  Recently, re: mix participated in the recording of the film score for esteemed Singaporean director Eric Khoo’s animated feature, which was in competition in the Un Certain Regard category at the 64th Cannes Film Festival, and will be Singapore’s contender in the foreign-language film category at the 84th Academy Awards (Oscar) come February 2012.  


Finally, re: mix laments the fact that classical music has taken itself too seriously.  There is an undeniable absence, in classical music performance, of an idiosyncratically palpable force which move masses in pop/rock concerts.  Yet re: mix believes that classical music has that same potential.  In this respect, it makes no demarcation between classical music and popular culture; it seeks instead to rivetingly engage with popular culture - not with a simplistic cross-over - and experiments with possibilities of popular music reinscribed for a classical ensemble that still demands a high level of performance standard.


re: mix articulates our present zeitgeist  the spirit of our times language–culture–ideas–fashion–images–space–music–etc– one is potentially able to mix and remix everything

re: mix regards this global culture of free mixing

re: mix is a mix of musicians mixing around led by violinist Foo Say Ming  

re: mix is especially interested in mixing-up the tradition of Western classical music

re: mix does not view popular culture as an anathema to the thinking and experimentation of classical music.

But re: mix is not a simple crossover. Instead, like the popular cultural definition of remix,  

re: mix mixes new beats,  new rhythms, and quotations of canonic music in a new way  but at the same time maintains the demanding performing standards of the classical musical ensemble.

re: mix is a call to local composers to think this mixing-up of tradition and mixing of genres for the petit ensemble that re: mix is

as petit ensemble – re: mix is a mobile outfit and as such is interested in mixing sound and space and will seek to experiment with mixing itself around spaces

and re: mix is interested in recording technology and seeks to insert recordings of its performances into contemporary cultures of new media

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