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re: mix

Our latest CD is out!

Get it at Tong Ming Xi Gallery 

8 Raffles Avenue Esplanade Mall
#02-06, Singapore 039802

Or Email us at 2006remix@gmail.com

Make a date with re: mix at the Esplanade Concert Hall in February 2021.

Watch-out for updates on re: mix and Esplanade Websites!

re: mix articulates our present zeitgeist  the spirit of our times language–culture–ideas–fashion–images–space–music–etc– one is potentially able to mix and remix everything

re: mix regards this global culture of free mixing

re: mix is a mix of musicians mixing around led by violinist Foo Say Ming  

re: mix is especially interested in mixing-up the tradition of Western classical music

re: mix does not view popular culture as an anathema to the thinking and experimentation of classical music.

But re: mix is not a simple crossover. Instead, like the popular cultural definition of remix,  

re: mix mixes new beats,  new rhythms, and quotations of canonic music in a new way  but at the same time maintains the demanding performing standards of the classical musical ensemble.

re: mix is a call to local composers to think this mixing-up of tradition and mixing of genres for the petit ensemble that re: mix is

as petit ensemble – re: mix is a mobile outfit and as such is interested in mixing sound and space and will seek to experiment with mixing itself around spaces

and re: mix is interested in recording technology and seeks to insert recordings of its performances into contemporary cultures of new media

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